Artist Introduction

Nyle Johnston

It is easy to forget that we are all children of Our First Mother of Creation. Examples can be found throughout nature that connects us to our First Family and Plant Nation relatives. From the flowing river systems that are our veins, to the cedar tree that is our brain stem, the patterns of connectivity are not only beautiful but also inspiring. When I draw or paint I humble myself and try to capture a fragment of the messages, stories, instructions, teachings and beauty that Creation has to provide.

My spirit name Wiishkoonseh Miigizi'enh which means Whistling Eagle. I come from a Storytelling background and have a responsibility to continue this legacy for the healing of my own people while connecting to the broader world. Sources of my artistic inspiration include woodland painters, Story Tellers and the traditions of my culture.

In a time of reconciliation, it is important for all people to know that we exist and have such a strong, beautiful legacy of stories and teachings. Our stories resonate with people across different cultures and they carry universal messages of love, kindness, fairness and care for Mother Earth. We each have a responsibility to share our gifts and I have the gift of being a Story Teller and artist.

My logo is my signature and represents who I am. Talking about Spirit names is talking about tradition and culture. When I am asked about my art, the stories come out and people become captivated and interested in learning more. It creates more curiosity from people in learning about the history of our people. It is planting seeds in the minds of people so they can become more aware.


Nyle Miigizi Johnston, Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation